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Home Heating Oil Tank Removal and Replacement

Home Heating Oil Tank Removal and Replacement

Do you have an old oil tank on your property?

It may not be insured! We can safely remove old oil tank.

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, a home with an exterior oil tank older than 15 years or an interior tank older than 20 years will NOT be insured.

If your home has an exterior oil tank, interior oil tank, above ground fuel storage tank, underground fuel storage tank or heating oil tank that is no longer in use or more past it's service life cycle - it MUST be removed from your property. Or perhaps you have an abandoned oil tank just sitting and taking up valuable space in your home, cottage, farm or business. These abandoned fuel oil tanks are at potential risk for a fuel leak and should be properly removed by a qualified professional.

We take our job very seriously. We want to work with you to help keep our environment free of hazards by eliminating any potential threat caused by a dormant oil tank. Learn more about why you should remove your dormant heating oil tanks.

We will assure you that the oil tank is removed worry free. We have the specialized resources and equipment to pump out and dispose of the oil that remains in your oil tank. This equipment is not available to the general public. We provide Oil Tank Removals for residential, industrial and commercial clients in Ontario.

You should never attempt to remove, drain, or service a heating oil tank yourself, especially if is no longer in use. Call the professionals today to get your heating oil tank taken care of!

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Last Updated On: June 08, 2015