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Oil Tank Inspection and Replacement

Oil Tank Inspection and Replacement

Ensure safe use and operation of your oil tank!

C. Jones Oil Heating of Barrie, Ontario offers oil tank inspection and replacement services

The summer is winding down and it is at this time the summer heat is wearing off, the cool autumn breeze is beginning to blow, and you are thinking about breaking out the jackets and wondering if buying a snowblower is worth saving the shoveling time. What you may not consider is your trusty oil tank that has provided you heat for years. Your oil tank has an expiry date- typically within 15-20 years of purchase. The expiry date varies depending on the make and model and you should keep your original paper work and double-check the date each year.

When the expiry date is nearing or is met you should change your oil tank as quickly as possible. Oil leaks are commonly the first result of an expired oil tank and the signs only become more drastic from there. Oil leaks are bad for the environment and create a mess to clean up. That said, when it expands to a full-blown spill you are in serious trouble.

Oil spills are detrimental to the environment and cost a fortune to clean up. Your property's ground will likely need to be picked up and replaced and the cost will be out of your pocket if you have not taken proper care of your oil tank. The clean-up process is expensive and bad for your wallet but worse for the environment. There is no need to destroy the earth around your home and no need to take a chunk out of your wallet because you're uncertain of your oil tank's condition- call C Jones Oil Heating in Barrie, Ontario for an inspection.

Our oil tank inspection service involves checking the whole tank itself, pipes, foundation, and ground to ensure everything is at top condition. You will have no doubt in your mind about your oil tank's condition and functionality for the winter after our inspection. If there is a problem you will be made aware of it early enough to save yourself time and money while also saving the ground you love to walk on.

If an oil tank replacement is necessary, we are happy to help you choose the best oil tank to suit your needs and complete the oil tank replacement for you.

For more information on our oil tank inspection and replacement service, please call C. Jones Oil Heating in Barrie, Ontario.

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Last Updated On: August 04, 2017